Care packages for deployed troops stolen from California warehouse

A California charity organization is scrambling to replace about $5,000 worth of holiday care packages for deployed troops after they were stolen from a warehouse.

CBS13 reports the Sacramento-area based Move America Forward had assembled big boxes filled with comforts of home such as deodorant, snacks, and Christmas stockings to send to U.S. service members overseas. Each box also contained Christmas cards and notes from local citizens thanking them for their service.

The last of the boxes were moved Monday to the warehouse to be shipped. The thieves then apparently broke the lock on the warehouse and made off with about two dozen of the boxes.

“You know it’s really sad that someone would take this from the troops,” Scott Raab of Move America Forward told CBS13.

Raab says the charity is hoping the thieves decide to just drop the boxes off at the post office, since they are already addressed and have paid postage on them.

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