Inmates skip out on work detail to attend rapper's funeral

Six inmates at a Tennessee prison skipped out on their work detail to attend the funeral of rapper Cecil D’Wayne “C-Baby” Tuggle, Fox 13 reported.

"The inmates weren't on their job; they were somewhere else. The supervisors had lost touch with the inmates and that's certainly a cause for alarm," Steve Shular, public information officer for the Shelby County Mayor's Office, told the station.

The inmates as well as three supervisors in charge of the 21-member crew face disciplinary action, and officials say they are now re-examining the policies in place for inmate work details.

While the inmates who walked away from their work duty were minimum security, Shular says it's still an issue of public safety that needs to be addressed.

The six inmates lost their work crew privileges along with credits toward earning an early release. The three supervisors face a disciplinary hearing this week.

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