The victim in the execution-style murder in midtown Manhattan was involved in shipping drugs, sources tell The New York Post.

Brandon Woodard, 31, was allegedly summoned to the city by his associates after multiple packages failed to arrive, sources tell the New York Post.

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Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Thursday police hadn’t determined why Woodard was targeted, and police would not confirm to whether a suspect had been identified.

Authorities had questioned and released a man in their custody related to the murder. Authorities reportedly believe he is a friend of the gunman.

The gun used to kill Woodard was also used in a Queens shooting in 2009, police are investigating whether there is a link between the two shootings. 

Police are also examining the three phones Woodard was carrying with him. 

In a photo released by the NYPD, Woodard is seen staring at a phone, as the gunman can be seen reaching into his jacket behind an unsuspecting Woodard.

Woodard reportedly walked past his killer’s getaway car seconds before his murder, and it is believed someone in the car pointed Woodard out to his murderer.

Woodard then received either a text message or a phone call and headed back toward the car, sources tell the New York Post.

On Wednesday, police located the getaway car, and believe a woman may have rented the car.

Woodard, who is the father of a 4-year-old girl and a law school student, was known as a promoter. Friends have said he was known to live a "batman-like" lifestyle.

Sandra Wellington, Woodard's mother, told reporters, "I'm suffering right now."

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