Texas basketball team delivers Christmas wish to local family

A Texas girls' basketball team is helping to deliver a Christmas wish to a single mother of 10 who just lost her job.

Amanda Kelly, who is in the process of going through a divorce, said she would have never been able to afford Christmas for her children, ages 2 through 11, without the seventh- and eighth-grade players from Covenant Christian Academy, reports.

"It feels really fulfilling that we get to bless someone, and use what God's given us to give back to people," Whitney Lewis, a member of the team, told the website.

The girls, with the help of their parents, a local radio station and employees from Sleep Experts, pitched in to purchase gifts -- from bikes to blankets, a Christmas tree and even stocking the family's kitchen.

"I don't even know what to say. I could thank you a hundred times and it still won't add up to how blessed we are tonight," Kelly told

The new beds from Sleep Experts will replace the king-sized bed that 6 of the children were sharing.

"I'm truly blessed. The kids are blessed to get such nice things. They deserve it."

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