Tuesday December 11, 2012 Happening Now

Large demonstrations planned today in Michigan where a right to work law looks like it will pass in both houses of the state legislature in a lame-duck session. The governor has said he will sign it. The law has outraged unions and progressives. Mass protests are expected today.

The U.S. government is selling the last of its stake in insurance giant AIG. You'll remember they got a bailout to the tune of 182 billion dollars. The U.S. government has actually made a profit.

The feds also settling a case against banking giant HSBC for 1.9 billion dollars. The company avoids charges including money laundering.

No "official" progress on the so-called fiscal cliff. President Obama insisting on tax increases for the wealthy.

A bipartisan group of House members are suggesting steep cuts to the Pentagon budget.

Secy of State Hillary Clinton is sick with a stomach bug. She's cancelled a trip to Morocco, Tunisia and the UAE to talk Syria.

The U.S. has declared a Syria rebel group with ties to Al Qaeda a "terrorist organization." The U.S. is looking to make alliances with moderate Syrian rebel groups.

New York Times today reporting on the lack of progress into the 9/11 terror attack on our diplomats in Libya.

South African icon Nelson Mandela is in the hospital receiving treatment for a persistent lung infection. He is 94.

Investigators have found more graves at a now-closed reform school for boys. So far.. the bodies of 96 children and 2 adults have been discovered. There are growing suspicions the children were abused.

A huge wind storm swept through Florida yesterday destroying several homes.

They are digging out from a huge snowstorm in parts of the Midwest.

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