Thursday December 6, 2012 Happening Now

Extremely disturbing reports out of Syria. Reports are, the military has weaponized Sarin chemical weapons and are only awaiting word from dictator Bashir Assad to launch them against their own citizens. Conor Powell, Molly Henneberg and James Rosen reporting. A surprise meeting happening today between top U.S. and Russian diplomats including Hillary Clinton.. on Syria.

More clashes yesterday in Egypt between pro- and anti-Morsi groups. Good video. David Lee Miller reporting as we get closer to a vote on that new constitution. There are now army tanks guarding the presidential palace.

The Commander of U.S Forces in Japan holding a news conference ahead of what's believed a rocket test by North Korea. We should mine that for sound if we get the tape in time.

Fighting words from the White House over the so-called fiscal cliff. Both President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner saying we will go over the cliff unless the GOP caves on taxes on folks making over 200K a year. Republicans calling those remarks "irresponsible."

Meantime, Boehner and President Obama have reportedly been speaking by phone about the possibility of a deal..

The NY Times reporting Boehner has gained the strong backing of the rank and file of his party.. which may make cutting a deal a little easier... We'll see.

Jay Carney briefs reporters from the White House at 11:30. We'll need to take some of that or at least listen for sound on the fiscal cliff.

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