Lawyer: Man accused in Ga. gas station shooting is veteran, used wheelchair because of strokes

An attorney says the elderly man accused of gunning down a Georgia woman after his motorized wheelchair and her car bumped has suffered strokes in recent years.

Veronica Brinson is representing 73-year-old Frank Louis Reeves. He is accused of killing 65-year-old Linda Hunnicutt at a Macon gas station on Tuesday.

Brinson told The Associated Press on Thursday that Reeves is in shock about what happened and didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. She says his family told her he has not been in trouble with the law before. He also is a military veteran and a deacon at his church.

Reeves faces a murder charge.

Police say Reeves' wheelchair came into contact with Hunnicutt's Buick. Authorities say Reeves shot the woman when she got out of her car.