Tuesday December 4, 2012 Happening Now

President Obama meeting this morning at the White House with governors from around the country. We'll have a stakeout.

The White House late yesterday dismissing the latest offer by the GOP to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff." The GOP proposed $800M in new revenues with some cuts in entitlement programs. No deal so far, but at least there's some proposals on the table!

NATO meeting today . The alliance expected to approve Patriot anti-missile systems for Turkey to protect against strikes from Syria and other regional threats. Hillary Clinton is attending. The U.S.-led group will also discuss the deteriorating situation in Syria.

Conor Powell is in Jerusalem reporting on the latest on the ground in the civil war-torn nation. The U.N. yesterday confirming it is pulling out all non-essential personnel. Fighting is raging in the southern suburbs of Damascus and near the airport. There are growing concerns Syria may be activating chemical weapons. Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton have said the use of chemical weapons is a "red line" Syria must not cross. Remember, Iraq used chemical weapons against its own people at one time.. a crime against humanity the Obama administration seems determined to not see repeated.

The Navy is denying claims by Iran that it shot down one of our drones. The U.S. says no drones are missing.

Yet another storm headed for Northern California! This one expected to dump another five inches of rain on some areas of the Bay Area.

New guidelines for psychiatrists and psychologists out.. including adding binge eating, and adding Asperger's to the list of Autism diseases.

Former President George W Bush is addressing a conference on how immigration benefits the economy. Casey Stegall reporting.

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