Monday December 3, 2012 Happening Now

Less than a month until we go over the fiscal cliff, and the two sides don't appear any closer to a deal.. (in fact the Sunday show sound is downright rude.)

Several developments in Syria's civil war. At least 10 killed when Syrian fighter jets bombed suburbs of Damascus. Turkey scrambling fighter jets after stray shells hit its airspace.. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeating today a warning to Syria that the U.S. has limits on what it will tolerate. She says chemical weapons are a "red line," Syria must not cross.

North Korea says it will indeed launch another "satellite" despite U.N. objections.. Russia and China urging North Korean restraint as South Korea say the move comes to try to influence elections there.. Greg Palkot on the story, and we'll add a guest.

Supreme Court could let us know this morning if they will take up gay marriage.

Catherine Herridge reporting on new concerns about internet "oversight."

Good news for folks in Northern California where flooding has not been as severe as expected.. Still it's been a week of strong storms and people are cleaning up lots of damage. Many are without power.

A town of 800 in Louisiana has been evacuated after police found 6 million pounds of explosive materials.

Steve Brown reporting on the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chief's player Jovan Belcher.

There is a Noon news conference from NASA on what the Curiosity rover has found so far on Mars.. stay tuned!

1200EST -- NASA's Curiosity team are expected to give an update on its mission to Mars. LIVE via LiveU

Lady Gaga among the bidders who bought 55 pieces from a collection of Michael Jackson costumes. The auction raised more than $5M.

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