Thursday November 15, 2012 Happening Now

Well, for those of us who thought the news cycle would slow down after the election, we were wrong!

Another busy day on Capitol Hill.. Jon is anchoring from the DC bureau today, and will get to sit down face to face with a few of our guests.

There are three separate hearings on the Hill today focusing on the Benghazi terror attack that left four Americans dead. The House Foreign Affairs Committee holding a hearing LIVE at 10am. The House Select Intelligence Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hold private hearings today as well though they are closed to the press. Hopefully we'll get some news out of those hearings.

1000EST -- House Foreign Affairs Cmte holds hearing titled "Benghazi and Beyond: What Went Wrong on Sept 11, 2012 and How to Prevent it from Happening at other Frontline Posts, Part I." LIVE

1100EST -- Center for Strategic & Intl Studies Simon Chair in Political Economy hosts a Statesmen's Forum on Pres Obama's Asia policy in light of the president's upcoming trip to the region with Natl Security Advisor Thomas Donilon. LIVE

1430EST -- Senate Select Cmte on Intelligence holds closed oversight hearing into "the circumstances surrounding the deadly attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the intel and security situation in other Arab Spring countries." DNI Clapper, CIA Deputy Dir Michael Morell, FBI Deputy Dir Sean Joyce, Undersecy of State for Management Pat Kennedy, and NCTC Dir Matthew Olsen to testify. CLOSED / LIVE STAKEOUT via LiveU

Tomorrow, we've learned General Petraeus will testify on Capitol Hill before the House Intel Committee (closed press).

WSJ has a fascinating look at the last days of Petraeus' rule at the CIA.

We get weekly jobless claims numbers today. The Dow fell nearly 200 points yesterday on the growing fears over the so-called fiscal cliff.

VP Biden set to meet with mayors about the cliff. WH officials will meet with millionaires to talk taxes too at some point today.

President Obama in his first press conference since his re-election insisted he is sticking to his guns on raising revenues (taxes), but he did sound a conciliatory tone "With respect to the tax rates: I just want to emphasize, I am open to new ideas if the Republican counterparts or some Democrats have a great idea for us to raise revenue, maintain progressivity, make sure the Middle Class isn't getting hit, reduces our deficit, encourages growth - I'm not going to just slam the door in their face. I want to hear ideas from everybody."

Later Boehner said he thought a deal could be reached.

There were also lots of fireworks over Benghazi and the possibility of nominating U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to be Secretary of State.

President Obama today is touring super storm Sandy devastation today in the New York City area. We may get live pictures during the Noon hour.

1130EST -- Air Force One arrives JFK. POOL TAPE

1135EST -- Marine One departs for TBA location. POOL TAPE

1215EST -- POTUS tours NYC area neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Sandy. POOL COVER

1330EST -- POTUS makes statement on recovery. LIVE

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