Tuesday November 13, 2012 Happening Now

Two ongoing investigations now consuming Washington, DC.

First - the Patraeus affair. The FBI is preparing a timeline of the criminal investigation into fmr CIA Director David Patraeus' extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell. The White House and Congressional leaders want to know why they didn't know of the investigation earlier. From what I can understand, the FBI was considering it a personnel and personal matter *not* a threat to national security. Jill Kelley is the married woman who apparently received angry emails from Paula Broadwell. Broadwell apparently considered Kelly a romantic threat. Gen Patraeus says he and Kelley were never intimate, but does admit to an affair with Broadwell.

Now we learn that the top commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, is also under investigation by the FBI for inappropriate emails.. Who with? Jill Kelley! The woman who is said to have turned in Paula Broadwell to the FBI for threatening her over Patraeus.

The story seems to get more torrid and more confusing by the minute.. so keep an eye on those wires!

Congress returns from a seven week break today to face enormous "to do" lists including resolving the so-called fiscal cliff. 12 new Senators and 70 new House members will be welcomed to Capitol Hill today as well.

0900EST -- Newly-elected members of the House start to arrive for orientation. LIVE via LiveU

0900EST approx -- Rep Ryan returns to work. LIVE STAKEOUT via LiveU

1000EST -- Sen Collins and Sen-elect Angus King meet. One of the issues they will discuss is cmte assignments and "how they can work together to address the critical needs of ME and our nation." FNC TAPE

1030EST -- Senate GOP Ldr McConnell meets with GOP Sens-elect for a photo spray before their meeting. Participants include: McConnell, Sen-Elect Deb Fischer, Sen.-Elect Jeff Flake and Sen.-Elect Ted Cruz. LIVE via LiveU

President Obama will discuss the fiscal cliff when he kicks off meetings with labor leaders, Congressional leaders. CEO's and other leaders He wants to apply some pressure to raise taxes on the wealthy and get his ideas through Congress.

There is a 12:30 news conference from the White House.. Perhaps we'll take some.

1130EST -- POTUS & VPOTUS attend meeting with ldrs from the labor community and other progressive leaders "to discuss the actions we need to take to keep our economy growing and find a balanced approach to reduce our deficit." Roosevelt Room. CLOSED

...1230EST -- Press Briefing by Press Secy Jay Carney. LIVE

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