Monday November 12, 2012 Happening Now

The Patraeus affair continues to dominate headlines. The well-respected General resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. Apparently, the affair came to light after another woman reported Broadwell for threatening emails. Some members of Congress are unhappy with the notification process, and want to know why Congress and the President weren't notified sooner.

Patraeus was also scheduled to testify before Congress this week on the terror attack on our diplomats in Libya. Some in Congress still want to hear his testimony.

There are also questions about the hole Patraeus's resignation leaves in our national security team. Many high profile Obama Administration officials have made clear they won't stay for the second term.

President Obama has a quiet day today, but later this week he'll talk with labor and business leaders about the so-called "fiscal cliff."

Walid Phares has a disturbing look at what he's hearing in Jihadi websites.

Iran launching massive war games today..

Molly Line and Jonathan Hunt are reporting on the struggle to get back to normal in two areas of New York hit hard by superstorm Sandy. The latest thing frustrated residents have to deal with? Disaster tourists. This as more than 70,000 remain without power.

A massive explosion that leveled two houses and partially destroyed a neighborhood under investigation today in Indianapolis. Mike Tobin reports.

There is a Eurozone meeting on the future of Greece. Greece has a bond repayment due on Friday that it can't afford.

We'll also take a look at the current state of the real estate market here in the U.S..

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