The husband of Gabrielle Giffords is speaking to the man who shot her, as she stands by his side.

Former astronaut Mark Kelly spoke directly to Jared Loughner, saying he changed his wife's life forever but not her spirit.

"You may have put a bullet through her head but you haven't put a dent in her spirit," he told the court. Giffords and Kelly turned to face Loughner so they are eye to eye with him, though they are separated by about 20 feet.

Kelly said Loughner sought to diminish the beauty of life, but failed. He said the shooter wanted to create for 'us' a life as dark and evil as his own.

It was the first time Giffords came face-to-face with Loughner. She did not speak.

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Giffords and Kelly walked slowly to the podium, the former congresswoman appearing to struggle with her steps.

Kelly spoke about the daily struggles his wife faces. He said she works harder in one minute than most do in a day.

Loughner shot Giffords and 17 others in the attack, killing six. As part of a plea agreement, he is being sentenced to life in prison.


Mr. Loughner, pay close attention to this: Though you are mentally ill, you are responsible for the death and hurt you inflicted upon all of us on January 8th of last year. You know this. Gabby and I know this.

 Everyone in this courtroom knows this.
You have decades upon decades to contemplate what you did.  But after today. After this moment. Here and now. Gabby and I are done thinking about you."

The Associated Press contributed to the report