Monday November 5, 2012 Happening Now

Today is the last day of the campaign for the White House!

Ten new polls show an essentially tied race. Almost all of those polls show races within the margin of error both nationally and in the battleground states.

Take a look at the latest polling courtesy RealClearPolitics. Pretty amazing how close it is right now.

CNN/Opinion Research

11/2 - 11/4693 LV3.54949Tie

Pew Research

10/31 - 11/32709 LV2.25047Obama +3


10/29 - 11/11000 LV3.14848Tie

NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl

11/1 - 11/31475 LV2.64847Obama +1

Rasmussen Reports

11/1 - 11/31500 LV3.04949Tie

ABC News/Wash Post

10/31 - 11/32069 LV2.54948Obama +1

FOX News

10/28 - 10/301128 LV3.04646Tie

Our friend Larry Sabato is out with his final Crystal Ball. He's predicting an Obama victory with 290 electoral votes and the President winning NV, NH, CO, IA and OH. Sabato predicts Romney takes, MO, IN, NC, and probably FL.

One of the things the Romney campaign can point to is huge, energized crowds.. There's a lot of GOP enthusiasm out there.

Mister Romney campaigns today in FL, VA, OH and NH. Paul Ryan campaigns in NV, CO, IA, OH and WI.

President Obama is in WI, OH and IA before heading home for the election in Chicago. VP Biden is in VA and DE. The First Lady campaigns in NC, FL and IA.

Have you heard President Bill Clinton on the campaign trail? They call him "the closer" for a reason. He's lost his voice he's been speaking so much. He's speaking at several stops in PA (?).


1145EST -- POTUS makes remarks at a campaign event; Bruce Springsteen attends. Madison, WI. LIVE

1255EST -- Air Force One wheels up Madison, WI. POOL TAPE


1200EST -- VPOTUS and Dr. Biden make remarks at a campaign event in Sterling, VA. LIVE via LiveU


1015EST -- Pres. Clinton makes remarks at a campaign event in Pittsburgh, PA.


0900EST -- Mitt Romney attends a rally at Avion Jet Center, Orlando, FL. FNC LIVE

1235EST -- Mitt Romney attends a rally at Virginia Aviation, Lynchburg, VA. CBS LIVE


1225EST -- Paul Ryan attends a rally at the Reno Tahoe International Airport, Reno, NV. FNC LIVE via LiveU

We've got reporters covering every part of the story including Wendell Goler, Ed Henry, John Roberts, Carl Cameron, Mike Tobin, Steve Brown, Eric Shawn, Phil Keating, Steve Harrigan, Mike Emanuel, Alicia Acuna, Doug McKelway, Dan Springer, Molly Line, William La Jeunesse, and Adam Housley.

Meantime, It's been one week since superstorm Sandy. Commutes are a nightmare, gas lines remain long, and we are just beginning to know the full scope of the destruction.

And some major revelations about the terror attack on our diplomats in Libya from "60 Minutes." We'll tackle that with guests.

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