Roller coaster in the ocean, shattered boardwalks: Will the Jersey shore ever be the same?

The superstorm that hit the Jersey shore did more than upend a geographic area; it left people wondering about the future of a place that's become part of pop culture.

Bruce Springsteen wrote about it. Nucky Thompson built his "Boardwalk Empire" on it. And Snooki and The Situation got drunk and famous on it.

Now boardwalks are wrecked. A roller coaster is in the ocean. Thousands of homes are destroyed and many, many more seriously damaged.

When rebuilding efforts get under way, the Jersey shore may look very different than the place many remember.

The Casino Pier in Seaside Heights fell into the sea, and boardwalks were damaged or destroyed.

Gov. Chris Christie vows the shore will be rebuilt but says it's unlikely to be the same.