Tuesday October 16, 2012 Happening Now

The world's attention will be focused like a laser tonight on the second Presidential debate. Associated Press characterizing it as a very important night for the President. AP writing the President must "deliver a Goldilocks performance in the debate. Not too cool, as he was in his first, listless encounter with Mitt Romney. And not too hot, as some critics styled VP Joe Biden in his faceoff with Paul Ryan."

Air Force One departs for, and arrives at, NYC during our hours today.

Mister Romney arrives on Long Island this morning.

1150EDT -- Air Force One departs Newport News/Williamsburg Intl Airport. POOL TAPE

1255EDT -- Air Force One arrives JFK. POOL TAPE


The Vice President travels to Penn Valley, PA, to attend funeral services for fmr Sen Arlen Specter.


0945EDT -- Arrives at Long Island MacArthur Airport, Ronkonkoma, NY. POOL TAPE


1135EDT -- Attends rally at Automated Conveyor Systems, Lynchburg, VA. LIVE via LiveU

American Crossroads, a super pac, will spend $11 million dollars in eight battleground states to shore up support among women voters for Mister Romney.

Hillary Clinton reportedly taking some responsibility for the attacks on American diplomats in Libya, but she says mistakes made in communicating during and after the attacks were due in part to the fog of war. Wendell Goler got an interview with the Secretary of State. We'll ask him to join us to discuss, and ask our guests about the story.

Shannon Bream is reporting on waste and fraud in government spending.

Iran today is calling the latest sanctions imposed on it "inhuman." The noose appears to be tightening on Iran, but leaders they say they will "never" be forced to give up their nuclear program.

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