Toilet plungers used as hall passes at NYC school

A policy at a New York City high school that had students using wooden toilet plungers as hall passes reportedly sent the school into chaos.

The New York Post reports that the second-year principal at the HS of Graphic Communications Arts in Hell’s Kitchen placed 2-foot-long wooden plungers in every classroom last month.

 “The kids were using the plungers to whack each other, to pop ceiling tiles in the bathroom,” a source told the newspaper. “They were sticking it in the toilet and then flinging them across the classroom.”

The school, which had been among the city’s most violent, painted every plunger a different color and wrote the room number on each plastic cup. The policy continued for several weeks until city Department of Education officials learned of it from school security officers. The school was ordered to collect the plungers late last month, the Post reports.

“This is clearly not condoned by DOE, and we put a stop to it,” Department of Education spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said. “We are investigating and considering next steps.”

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