Monday October 8, 2012 Happening Now

Just one month until the election!

Mitt Romney delivers a major speech on foreign policy today in Virginia. He's expected to hammer the Obama administration's policy on Libya and the rest of the Middle East.

Here's one quote from excerpts of the speech, "The attacks on America last month should not be seen as random acts. They are expressions of a larger struggle that is playing out across the broader Middle East -- a region that is now in the midst of the most profound upheaval in a century."

President Obama is holding various events today in California. There was a star-studded concert last night as a fundraiser for the President which included performances by Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi and Jennifer Hudson. The President joked about his poor debate performance.. and spent some time talking about the drop in the unemployment rate to 7.8%.

You can expect plenty of attacks this week from both sides as we gear up for the Biden versus Ryan matchup on Thursday night.


1150EDT -- Air Force One wheels up LAX to Bakersfield, CA. KTTV LIVE / POOL TAPE

1245EDT -- Air Force One wheels down in Bakersfield Meadows Field Airport. KBFX-KBAK TAPE

1335EDT -- POTUS tours the Memorial Garden, Chavez Natl Monument, Keene, CA. POOL TAPE

1415EDT -- POTUS announces the establishment of the Cesar E. Chavez Natl Monument, Villa La Paz, Natl Chavez Center, Keene, CA. POOL LIVE


1120EDT -- Mitt Romney delivers a Foreign Policy Speech at Virginia Military Institute, 201 Smith Hollow, Lexington, VA. ABC LIVE


1130EDT -- Paul Ryan attends a rally at Grand Aire, Inc., 11777 West Airport Service Road, Swanton, OH. FNC LIVE via Liveu


1155EDT -- Ann Romney visits She Chester, 11884 Chester Village Drive, Chester, VA

1225EDT -- Ann Romney visits the Chesterfield South Victory Office, 3610 Festival Park Plaza, Chester, VA

The House Intelligence Committee is warning American companies to avoid doing business with some of China's top technology firms. If you saw "60 Minutes," last night you know why. There are growing fears Chinese companies are stealing intellectual property and could be a security threat to U.S. infrastructure. We're hoping to talk to Congressman Mike Rogers on that today in the Noon.

That meningitis infection is spreading. 91 cases so far, and 7 are dead.

Hugo Chavez has won reelection. Steve Harrigan reporting on Chavez's third term today.

SpaceX launched a cargo ship into orbit Sunday. It will meet up with the International Space Station to deliver supplies. It was the first of a dozen missions contracted by NASA. Welcome to private space travel!

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