Friday October 5, 2012 Happening Now

Another busy news day!

We get the September jobs report today. Look for both presidential campaigns to react quickly. Analysts are expecting a slight improvement in job creation but an uptick in the unemployment number - from 8.1% to 8.2%. We're putting together a jobs panel and may even take viewer questions.

President Obama is in Virginia at a campaign rally this morning before heading to another rally in Ohio. Yesterday, a newly fired-up President addressed a crowd in Denver. Many pundits asking ‘where was that President during the debate?'

Governor Mitt Romney is campaigning Virginia and this evening in Florida. Money is pouring into the Romney coffers since his strong debate performance on Wednesday night. Mister Romney hoping to keep up the momentum.

0830EDT -- The Labor Dept releases employment data for Sept.


1050EDT -- POTUS makes remarks at a campaign event. George Mason Univ Center for the Arts Concert Hall, Fairfax, VA. LIVE

1205EDT -- Air Force One departs Dulles to Cleveland Intl Airport. POOL TAPE

1315EDT -- Air Force One arrives Cleveland Intl Airport. WJW COVER / POOL TAPE

1430EDT -- POTUS makes remarks at a campaign event. Cleveland State Univ, Cleveland, OH. LIVE


1115EDT -- Attends rally at Carter Machinery, Abingdon, VA. LIVE

1815EDT -- Attends rally at Pier Park, St. Petersburg, FL. LIVE

Steve Brown is reporting on the race between Senator Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin.

Adam Housley has an update on the murdered Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie.

Jonathan Serrie has a report on the rebounding auto industry.

Clinics are rushing to warn patients in nearly two dozen states the routine treatment they got for back pain could have given them a dangerous illness - fungal meningitis. 35 people in six states have been sickened. Five are dead.

American Airlines is cancelling 44 flights today. Yesterday they cancelled 50 flights. It goes back to the seat fix we've been reporting on... rows of seats improperly installed in refurbished cabins.

Syrian activists say the government is bombing people in the city of Homs. It's the worst fighting they've seen in five months.

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