Wednesday October 3, 2012 Happening Now

Tonight is the main event! President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney square off in their first presidential debate in Denver.

There are a ton of political stories to talk about ahead of the debate.

New polling out of several swing states show a narrowing race. A new WSJ/NBC News poll also suggests a narrowing race in nationwide polling. Mr. Obama now leading 49% to 46% among likely voters, down slightly from the five-point lead he enjoyed in mid-September, just after the two parties' conventions.

The polling also suggests more Americans want one-party rule.. increasingly frustrated over Washington gridlock.

Republicans are making hay of comments Vice President Biden made yesterday at a rally in Charlotte. The VP said Romney would raise taxes on the middle class "How they can justify . . . raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years?".

New tapes are out. In a tape aired by The Daily Caller from 2007, then-Senator Barack Obama praises controversial pastor Rev Jeramiah Wright and suggested the U.S. government cared more about the people of NYC during 9/11 than it did the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Meantime, the left making a big deal of tape unearthed by Huffington Post of VP candidate and Congressman Paul Ryan suggesting 30 percent of the country wanted a welfare state- -only 70% wanted the American Dream.

Look for both tapes to be used as political ammunition today.


1425EDT -- Air Force One departs NV en route CO. POOL TAPE

1555EDT -- Air Force One arrives at Buckley Air Force Base. Aurora, CO. POOL TAPE

2100EDT -- POTUS participates in the first of 3 presidential debates hosted by the Cmsn on Presidential Debates and moderated by Jim Lehrer, Exec Editor of the PBS NewsHour, at Denver Univ. FLOTUS also attends. LIVE


1400EDT -- FLOTUS's first visit to Steve Harvey's new daytime show, Steve Harvey, will air on NBC. (Pretaped last wk)

1430EDT -- FLOTUS makes remarks at a campaign event in Reno, NV.


...1200EDT -- Fmr Pres Clinton delivers remarks at campaign event in Durham, NH. LIVE via LiveU


2100EDT -- Participates in the first of 3 presidential debates hosted by the Cmsn on Presidential Debates and moderated by Jim Lehrer, Exec Editor of the PBS NewsHour, at Denver Univ, Denver, CO. LIVE


No events planned

1130EDT -- Sen McCain holds a Veterans for Romney meet and greet at the American Legion, Tallahassee, FL.

1200EDT -- Sen Marco Rubio attends a rally at the National Western Complex, Denver, CO. LIVE via LiveU

Republicans are upset over the sale of a huge prison to the federal government. The Justice Department is buying the Illinois prison from the state for $165 million, defying Republican lawmakers who have sought to block the purchase of the facility, earlier slated to be the new home of Guantanamo Bay prisoners. The Justice Dept insisting the prison won't be used for Gitmo prisoners.

A new review of the $20 billion "supplement" industry has some unhappy findings. The Dept of Health and Human Services report says dozens of weight loss and immune supplements are illegally labeled and lack the scientific evidence to back their claims.

The International Space Station will move to avoid collision with a chunk of space junk.

A new fire is burning in Washington state and threatens the historic Saint Mary's Mission and school near Omak.

A series of suicide bombings have killed at least 27 people in Aleppo, Syria.

American Airlines pilots expected to return to negotiations with the struggling airline. Meantime, it looks like those ‘loose seats' were due to the airline expanding so-called "comfort" class seating. The seats were improperly installed when the airline changed seat configurations in some planes to expand the pricier coach class.

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