Tuesday October 2, 2012 Happening Now

Both candidates for President are hunkered down today cramming for the first presidential debate to be held in Colorado tomorrow night. President Obama is in Henderson, Nevada and has no public events planned. Mitt Romney is in Denver preparing with senior advisors and Senator Rob Portman. Romney advisors told Carl Cameron their theme in the closing weeks of the campaign would be "We can't afford another four years." Both campaigns are sending the VP candidates out on the campaign trail as they prep.


1010EDT -- Holds town hall at the Clinton County Courthouse, Clinton, IA. LIVE via LiveU

1250EDT -- Holds meet and greet at Elly's Tea & Coffee House, Muscatine, IA. LIVE via LiveU


1110EDT -- VPOTUS attends campaign event in Charlotte, NC. LIVE via LiveU


1415EDT -- FLOTUS makes remarks at a campaign event in Cincinnati, OH. WXIX COVER

New polling out today by Quinnipiac confirms what we've been hearing.. President Obama ahead among likely voters by a small but steady few percentage points. The polling, though, also suggests Mister Romney remains ahead among independents.

James Rosen is taking a look at whether a comparison of this year's election to 1980's is appropriate.

Eric Shawn is reporting today on a court decision in PA about whether the state's tough voter ID law passes constitutional muster.

There is new reporting today suggesting the U.S. is considering an earlier withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The murder of our soldiers by Afghan soldiers we are trying to help train has apparently led to a reconsideration of the timeline for withdrawal. The head of NATO - Secretary-General Anders Fogh - told the British newspaper The Guardian the so-called "green on blue" insider attacks have sapped morale. Meantime, on the front page of the New York Times today, a report the U.S. is abandoning hopes for a peace deal in Afghanistan with the Taliban.

Catherine Herridge could have new documents today related to the U.S. response to the murder of our diplomats in Libya. Stay tuned.

A top human resources official for the Dept of Veterans Affairs has resigned ahead of a report on the department's spending on conferences. Doug McKelway on that story.

There are reports out today that Senate leaders are working on a solution to the so-called fiscal cliff facing the nation in the new year.. that's when automatic spending cuts and tax increases are due to hit everything from defense spending to middle class paychecks.

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