Monday October 1, 2012 Happening Now

President Obama and Mitt Romney have quiet schedules today as both begin prepping for what is being considered a pivotal moment in campaign 2012 - the 1st debate is on Wednesday. Governor Romney hopes a great performance can change the trajectory of this campaign.. President Obama wants to not repeat mistakes made in past debates like the now-infamous sighing by Al Gore in 2000.

President Obama is doing debate preps at a Nevada resort.

Mitt Romney is prepping in Massachusetts before heading to Denver for a rally tonight.

New polling suggests a tight race nationally, but battleground states continue to be advantage Obama (that's where the bulk of campaign spending has taken place).

Today is the last day of the U.N. General Assembly.. with a speech expected from the Syrian foreign minister. This comes as we get word of a government bombing of a Syrian town near the border with Turkey that killed 12.

A suicide bombing in Afghanistan left 14 dead including 3 NATO troops.. The bomber was driving a motorcycle packed with explosives and rammed it into a patrol. It comes after a horrendous milestone over the weekend. 2000 American dead in the 11 year old conflict. "60 Minutes" aired a great piece last night. Let's mine it for sound.

Fallout continues over the botched White House response to the murder of our diplomats in Libya. Good sound on the Sunday shows we can mine.

A new Supreme Court term starts today with big cases on gay marriage, affirmative action and voting rights on the docket.

Remember that bacon shortage we told you about? Experts say prices will rise, but they don't expect stores to "run out."

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