Tuesday September 25, 2012 Happening Now

Lots of live events today for us to react to during "Happening Now." President Obama will be speaking before the U.N. General Assembly. He'll talk about the terror attack on our diplomats in Libya, but is not expected to call it terrorism. The President is expected to condemn recent anti-American violence. Here's one quote, "The attacks of the last two weeks are not simply an assault on America. They are also an assault on the very ideals upon which the United Nations was founded..."

He'll also address the threat from Iran's nuke program. The President is expected to say "We will do what we must," to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

We'll have reaction to the U.N. speech and to his appearance on "The View." That appearance taped yesterday being met with some controversy since the President didn't meet with any foreign leaders (as he has done in year's past).

Mitt Romney will also be in New York City. He'll address the Clinton Global Initiative at 9 AM. He'll also speak to an education summit at 11:10. Mister Romney reacted to recent comments from President Obama calling the unrest in the Middle East ‘bumps in the road,' Romney said, "Look, the world looks at the events going on. They don't see these events as bumps in the road. These are lives. This is humanity. This is freedom. Freedom must be on the march. We must stand for freedom."

Paul Ryan in on a campaign bus tour through Ohio, and holds a town hall in Cincinnati at 11:30am.


1010EDT -- POTUS addresses the U.N. General Assembly. LIVE

1210EDT -- POTUS addresses the Clinton Global Initiative, Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers, NYC. LIVE


1045EDT -- VPOTS holds a campaign event at the Chesterfield Co. Fairgrounds, Chesterfield, VA. LIVE via LiveU


0900EDT -- Mitt Romney addresses the Clinton Global Initiative at the Sheraton New York Hotel, 811 7th Avenue 53rd Street, New York, NY. POOL LIVE

1110EDT -- Mitt Romney participates in NBC's Education Nation at The New York Public Library, 476 5th Avenue, New York, NY. MSNBC OFF-AIR


1130EDT -- Paul Ryan holds a town hall at the Byer Steel Group, 200 West North Bend Road, Cincinnati, OH. FNC LIVE via LiveU

Also speaking at the U.N. this week? Iranian dictator Mahmoud Amedinejad. He made inflammatory comments about Israel again yesterday.. and is scheduled for a longer speech tomorrow. Iran, meantime, test-fired four missiles designed to hit a warship. Another provocation to be added to a long list.

A fire in Southern CA has destroyed 20 homes and killed a man who ignored evacuation orders. One community still evacuated after several wildfires.

Police have sealed off Spain's parliament ahead of expected mass protests.

Electric car maker Tesla says it will blanket the U.S. with solar charging stations as it unveils six free stations in California. Those charging stations recharge its sporty electric car in about an hour. A new Tesla starts at, though, about $49,000.

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