Lots of politics to discuss today.

Both candidates were on "60 minutes last night." It was a good preview of what's likely to come in the first debate scheduled for October 3rd.

In an unaired clip from "60 minutes," the President talks about the unfairness of some of the political ads that have aired.

Remember early voting is already underway in some states.

New polling out by AP/GFK suggests only 7% of likely voters haven't picked a candidate, and just 17% of likely voters are still persuadable.

President Obama is in NYC tonight after WH meetings.

Mitt Romney is campaigning today in Colorado. Paul Ryan is in Ohio.

Daily Caller has a fuller analysis of a 1998 talk by then-State-Senator Barack Obama. In it the future president talks more in-depth about his views on welfare reform, community organizing and more.

There may be a new SARS-type virus on the loose in the world. A Saudi man was sickened in Qatar before treatment in the UK, and another Saudi man died earlier this year.

In California, 2 wildfires have sent firefighters running, have already destroyed property and are threatening to grow.

The U.N. General Assembly is this week.. with American allies and enemies gathering in New York City. David Lee Miller is covering for us.

Greg Palkot is in Libya for us. The New York Times today details how the attack on our diplomats is a major setback for the CIA.

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