Tuesday September 18, 2012 Happening Now

Al Qaeda in North Africa is calling for more attacks on U.S. diplomats and missions. They are also calling for an escalation of already violent protests that have spread around the world. Protests are expected today at U.S. missions all over the planet.. including Bangkok, Thailand (!?) today. It comes along with intensifying debate about what the U.S. knew about the attack on the consulate in Benghazi that left 4 U.S. diplomats dead.

South Africa today says eight South African citizens are dead in a homicide bombing in Afghanistan. A terrorist rammed a car packed with explosives into a mini-bus carrying the South African workers.

It comes just a day after the U.S. announced it was halting a program to train Afghan soldiers for security missions and suspending most joint field operations because so many U.S. soldiers were being killed by the soldiers they were trying to help. Afghan government troops have turned their weapons on NATO troops more than 35 times killing 51 soldiers.. mostly Americans.

The Romney campaign dealing with a new videotape that's getting a lot of attention. Mother Jones - the liberal magazine - released the tape apparently recorded at a Romney fundraiser in May. Mister Romney can be heard making disparaging comments about Obama supporters. The tape is being compared to the recording of President Obama made during the 2008 campaign when he said working class voters "get bitter, they cling to their guns or religion."

Mister Romney talked about the tape last night saying it wasn't elegantly stated, but he was simply talking about the voters he needed to reach.

Mister Romney has fundraisers scheduled for today in Salt Lake City and Denver.

VP candidate Paul Ryan is speaking during our hours in Dover, NH.

President Obama holds a fundraiser in New York City and Vice President Biden is speaking at an event in Iowa during our hours.

1130EDT -- VPOTUS holds campaign event in Ottumwa, IA. LIVE via LiveU


1110EDT -- Holds a town hall at the McConnell Community Center, Dover, NH. LIVE via LiveU

Teachers in Chicago today are expected to vote on whether or not to call off a strike that has kept students out of Chicago schools. Steve Brown is on that story again for us.

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