Gettysburg park's electric map sells for $14,000

An electric light-up map that educated visitors at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg for decades has sold at auction for $14,000.

The 30-by-30-foot map weighs 12 tons and was made partly out of asbestos. It was featured inside an auditorium in the Gettysburg National Military Park's old visitor's center in Gettysburg, Pa. It was sold online Friday by the federal government because the National Park Service no longer wants or needs it.

The map helped people understand the Civil War's bloodiest battle by using blinking lights to demonstrate the positions of landmarks and the progress of the armies on a topographically accurate depiction of the site. It was up and running in 1963 for the battle's 100th anniversary. It became obsolete in 2008 after a new visitor's center opened.

Information about the winning bidder hasn't been disclosed.