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Crime & Courts

Florida teen poses as cop to arrest friend in shoplifting scheme, police say

Two Florida teenagers were arrested this week, police tell WPBF, after a 17-year-old allegedly walked into a Port St. Lucie Walmart, brandished a gun and police badge and placed his 14-year-old shoplifting friend in handcuffs.

A store employee followed the teens outside and saw them removing the handcuffs before calling 911.

Port St. Lucie police caught the teens in a nearby plaza, where they found a pellet gun and toy handcuffs in a bush, WPBF reports.

Police say the fake arrest was a scheme on Labor Day to steal from the store. One of the teens was allegedly found with several packs of Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards.

Both teens were charged with shoplifting and resisting arrest without violence, while the older teen had an additional charge of impersonating a police officer.

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