Wednesday Sept 5, 2012 Happening Now

Today we are looking ahead to what's likely to be a barn burner of a speech from former President Bill Clinton tonight at the DNC.

First Lady Michelle Obama gave a well received speech that left some in the audience in Charlotte teary-eyed. She reminded voters of the President's humble beginnings and his understanding of the troubles of regular folks. Among the strong quotes from the First Lady: "Being president doesn't change who you are - it reveals who you are." She also acknowledged the President's work on health care and same sex marriage. There was also many attacks on Governor Romney. As Jenna Lee points out, Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland was among those going after Mister Romney. He said "If Mitt was Santa Claus, he'd fire the reindeer and outsource the elves." The Washington Post says that President Obama hasn't been so great on outsourcing either. In any case, LOTS to talk about today!

ABC News and the Washington Post have new polling out suggesting Mitt Romney is narrowing the gender gap some, and it shows a drop in the President's favorability and a rise in Mister Romney's.

President Obama travels to Charlotte today. Mitt Romney has no events today. Paul Ryan is on Fox and Friends this AM, and then has a rally in Adel, Iowa. We can probably pull some sound from at least one of those two events.


1050EDT -- FLOTUS speaks at the African American Caucus Meeting, Charlotte Convention Center. POOL TAPE

1120EDT -- FLOTUS speaks at the Hispanic Caucus Meeting, Charlotte Convention Center. POOL TAPE

1240EDT -- FLOTUS delivers remarks at the Human Rights Campaign/Victory Fund Luncheon honoring LGBT Elected Officials. POOL TAPE


0805EDT -- Appears as a guest on Fox and Friends. LIVE

1020EDT -- Attends rally at the Dallas County Courthouse, Adel, IA. LIVE via LiveU

In other news, The jury is expected to begin deliberating today in the murder trial of Drew Peterson.. Peterson is charged with killing his third wife.. Lis Wiehl is on standby in case we get news!

A wildfire in California is still burning near Los Angeles. It is not expected to be contained for a week. Adam Housley on that story again today.

There was an attack on a rally for Quebec's new premier last night. One killed, another wounded. Police trying to figure out a motive. Suspected gunman is in custody.

Iraq is demanding "proof" from the U.S. that Iran is using its airspace to send arms to Syria's dictatorship. We'll talk to Ambassador Bolton about what's going on over there.

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