Chihuahua puppies found shot, stabbed in Texas

Texas police are investigating the killings of five Chihuahua puppies that were shot and stabbed.

Patricia Ponce, of Wylie, said her daughter had let the dogs out of their trailer at 2 a.m., reports. “Ten minutes later we called them and they never came,” Ponce said, according to the station.

The next day, three of the dogs were found shot, possibly with a .22-caliber or pellet gun, and one had also been stabbed. They were arranged in a triangle, and looked as though someone had tortured them, Ponce told KDFW, Fox 4.

Two of the dogs are still missing.

According to the station, police are investigating the case, but said it's not going to be easy to solve because no one saw or heard anything at that time in the morning.

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