Friday August 31, 2012 Happening Now

Mitt Romney gave probably the biggest speech of his life last night as he accepted the Republican nomination for president. Governor Romney made his case directly to the American people.. in a well-received speech. Mister Romney strode up to the convention stage on a red carpet shaking hands and greeting the delegates. He criticized President Obama for "attacking success." The Governor said voters weren't "better off today than they were four years ago." Romney also said the President "promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet." He went on to say, "His promise was to help you (the American people) and your family." Mister Romney also talked about his family and his Mormon faith.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio getting high praise for his speech last night introducing Governor Romney. Mister Rubio saying under Barack Obama, the only hope is hard to find. He said the President was trying to pit Americans against each other.. that "hope and change has become divide and conquer."

The speech by Clint Eastwood was well received on the convention floor, but is being greeted with not-such-great reviews from political analysts. He spoke to an empty chair for part of the speech..pretending to talk to President Obama.

As Jenna pointed out, A Vermont couple told a compelling story about the help they received from Mister Romney.. We'll play some of that since many who were watching the coverage likely missed it.

Gov Romney and VP nominee Paul Ryan will attend a farewell victory rally this morning at 10am.. might be good to hear a little bit from them during the show.

1000EDT -- Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan attend a Republican Natl Convention farewell Victory rally at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Lakeland, FL. ABC LIVE

President Obama is headed for Fort Bliss, Texas to speak to U.S. troops. It's two years to the day he promised to end the Iraq war at the same base. VP Biden is holding a rally in Ohio during our hours.

1100EDT -- VPOTUS holds campaign event with supporters at the United Auto Workers Local 1714 Union Hall, Lordstown, OH. LIVE via LiveU

More flooding to report from the remains of Isaac. What a mess it's left! There's still many without power and flooded out of their homes. We've got reporters from New Orleans to Gulfport, Mississippi, and of course, Janice Dean who's been such a rock during our reporting of Isaac.

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