Thursday August 30, 2012 Happening Now

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes probably the biggest speech of his political life tonight in Tampa. Tonight he'll accept the nomination for president. We'll spend some time looking ahead to that speech today.

It was a very big night for the GOP last night.

Vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan took the stage in Tampa with an impassioned speech widely seen as a success. Ryan did a good job attesting to Mitt Romney's character, and said together they would take on the nation's biggest problems.. including entitlement spending. Ryan called for a turnaround in the United States.. to be led by Mister Romney.

Former Secretary of State Condi Rice also getting a lot of praise today. She gave an inspirational speech that called for a return of individual responsibility.

President Obama wrapped up a three state tour of colleges yesterday calling for young people to return him to office. Today his schedule is quiet though we could get dribs and drabs from an interview he did with Time Magazine.

Tropical Storm Isaac still making a mess in the Gulf Coast states though it looks like it's finally on the move. A cautionary note, however, there are still winds up to 45 miles-per-hour and torrential rain in Gulf Coast states.. which will not help with rescue efforts today. There are also tornado watches in effect for many areas. The storm has dumped as much as 19 inches in parts of coastal Louisiana and Mississippi. Several communities on the coast are under water. Officials today say they will breach an 18-mile levee in Plaquemines Parish, LA in order to relieve pressures from floodwaters. We're getting reports hundreds of people had to be rescued yesterday from their homes, and we're under the impression rescues continue as I write this. More than a half million people remain without power, and it's *still* raining! New Orleans' new levee system passed its first major test. The city had minor damage and some flooding, but appears to have escaped the kind of destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina.

The good news is that some of the abundant rain from Isaac will travel over horribly drought stricken parts of the country.

Alicia Acuna is covering another hearing today in the Aurora, Colorado massacre. The University of Colorado psychiatrist who warned the school about James Holmes will be on the stand today. I'm told the judge will also deal with a note from Holmes that was sent to the school.

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