Wednesday August 29, 2012 Happening Now

Two giant stories again today: the RNC and Isaac.

Let me begin with Hurricane Isaac which made landfall in Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana. There are widespread reports of damage and flooding in the region about 90 miles southeast of New Orleans. We are just getting reports that at least one levee was overtopped with water, and people are trapped in their homes as flood waters rise. The pictures at this hour are still very compelling even though Isaac is beginning to move inland. Wind speeds topped out about 80 miles per hour, but that is no joke. Power outages are widespread. There are reports of damage and flooding in New Orleans. Steve Harrigan is in Biloxi, MS, Rick Leventhal is on Dauphin Island, AL, Elizabeth Prann and Jonathan Serrie are in New Orleans, and Janice Dean is in the Fox Extreme Weather Center.

Now to the RNC, where last night there were several important speeches. Governor John Kasich of Ohio gave an especially impassioned speech early on in the night's coverage about Ohio's economic recovery. Ann Romney made a strong appeal to women. Chris Christie was fired up as he talked a lot about himself, and his vision for the country's future. Tonight's big speaker is Paul Ryan. We've got a great lineup of guests to talk about last night and tonight.

President Obama is in Virginia campaigning today.

We'll get a big read on the economy with the release of Q2 GDP numbers.

Iran developments today. New reporting they are adding centrifuges and sending soldiers to Syria.. nice. Ambassador Bolton weighs in.

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