Tuesday August 28, 2012 Happening Now

Today we focus on two huge stories. The RNC Convention and Tropical Storm Isaac.

Isaac expected to become a hurricane at some point today before making landfall not too far from New Orleans as a Category 1 (or perhaps 2) late tonight or early tomorrow morning... the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Right now the storm is headed for New Orleans but it's a giant storm so will affect communities up and down the Gulf coast. Forecasters expect up to 15 inches of rain in some spots, a huge storm surge and high winds. We've got Maria Molina, Janice Dean, Steve Harrigan, Rick Leventhal and Jonathan Serrie for team coverage.

At the RNC convention, the official vote takes place to make Mitt Romney the presidential nominee. His wife, Ann Romney, is scheduled to speak tonight. It will be a very big deal. Republicans are counting on Missus Romney softening the image of Governor Mitt Romney and reaching women voters. Both Paul Ryan and Mister Romney are expected to arrive in Tampa during our hours.. it will make a nice live picture.


1105EDT -- Arrives at Tampa Intl Airport, Tampa, FL. LIVE


1205EDT -- Arrives at Tampa Intl Airport, Tampa, FL. LIVE


1130EDT -- TX Gov Perry speaks at event hosted by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council and Women Impacting Public Policy in Armani's Restaurant at Grand Hyatt, Tampa, FL.

1230EDT -- NJ Gov Christie attends RNC Evening Session Walk Through at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa, FL. LIVE

President Obama is campaigning today in Iowa and Colorado.

Another earthquake rattled nerves last night in a community that's been hit with a huge swarm of quakes in the past few days. They've all been centered about 100 miles east of San Diego. Last night's was a 4.2.

The families of some of the 12 people murdered in Aurora, Colorado will be holding a news conference today.. They won't say anything except there's some behind-the-scenes information the public deserves to know about.

As the Syrian government continues to murder its people.. choppers are dropping flyers in rebel-held areas urging them to surrender or die.

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