Thursday August 23, 2012 Happening Now

Countdown to the RNC convention! Oh, and did you hear there may be a hurricane just in time for its start?

Lots going on today between politics and Mother Nature.

Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are making campaign appearances during our hours today. Governor Romney is in New Mexico. Congressman Ryan is in North Carolina.

1255EDT -- Mitt Romney holds energy event at Watson Truck and Supply, Hobbs, NM. LIVE

1200EDT -- Attends a Fayetteville Defense Industry Roundtable at the Partnership for Defence Innovation, Fayetteville, NC. LIVE via LiveU

President Obama's schedule is fairly quiet so far today, though the First Lady is speaking to supporters in Milwaukee. The ties between energy company Exelon and the White House coming under scrutiny today in a New York Times front page story.

There is a W.H. briefing at 11:15. We'll see if spokesman Jay Carney is asked about the ties between President Obama and Exelon.

...1115EDT -- Briefing by Press Secy Jay Carney. LIVE

New polling out today from CBS, Quinnipiac and the New York Times in Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. In head to head matchups President Obama keeps a small lead: In FL it's Obama 49%, Romney 46%. OH has Obama at 50%, and Romney 44%. In WI, Obama captures 49%, and Romney 47%. There's also some interesting poll results on Medicare which suggests the issue is not a great one for the Romney/Ryan ticket in states like Florida. We'll get into all of ‘em.

A new Pew research study getting a lot of attention today.. It suggests the middle class is under intense pressure and is shrinking.

That CBO report on the deficit and a coming "fiscal cliff," also raising eyebrows throughout the nation. Might also be worth mentioning with political guests.

OK, now to that hurricane forming in the Caribbean. It will become "Hurricane Isaac" as soon as today and will smack into Hispaniola.. latest track has it hitting Florida as a Cat 1 sometime next week.. just in time for the convention. Janice Dean and Rick Reichmuth will update us in both hours today.

Good news to report in the battle against that far Northern CA fire. It's now 50% contained after burning more 50 structures. Dan Springer continues his live reports for us.

Aurora massacre defendant James Holmes is in court today.. Alicia Acuna is at the Justice Center and will report the latest for us.

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