Wednesday August 22, 2012 Happening Now

There are a ton of new polls to sift through today in the battle for the White House (and Senate and House!). We've got new data from AP-GFK, NBC News/WSJ, and from Washington Post/ABC News. Lots of good data to sift through, but if there's one take away to share.. it's that it is a very close race and appears to be getting closer.

Governor Romney is campaigning in Iowa today. His VP pick, Paul Ryan, is holding events in Roanoke, VA and Raleigh, NC. President Obama has an event in Las Vegas (meeting with teachers at a high school) before heading to New York City for a Lincoln Center fundraiser. Vice President Biden is campaigning in Detroit. One other item to watch during our hours today is Senator Rubio's media availability in Florida in the Noon hour.. we could get some sound to play with in the back half.

1205EDT -- POTUS has roundtable with teachers. POOL TAPE SPRAY

1240EDT -- POTUS makes remarks at a Las Vegas Grassroots Event. LIVE

1315EDT -- VPOTUS attends campaign event in Detroit, MI. LIKELY CLOSED

1335EDT -- Attends rally at LeClaire Manufacturing, Bettendorf, IA. LIVE

0915EDT -- Attends rally at Northwest Hardware, Roanoke, VA. LIVE via LiveU

1330EDT -- Attends rally at Systems, Materials, & Technologies, Raleigh, NC. LIVE

1200EDT -- Sen Marco Rubio holds media avail following a speech to the Forum Club at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, West Palm Beach, FL. WPTV TAPE

Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin says fellow Republicans are "overreacting" to his rape comment. He missed a deadline last evening to drop out of the race. There is little the MO GOP can do to make him drop out, and he appears to be trying to get alternative funding to continue his campaign. We'll continue to follow and look for some analysis of what it could mean to the national debate.

New Congressional Budget Office report on deficits and government spending at 10am. At 11am, the CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf offers an analysis.. We should get that story on air.

A jury begins deliberating in a major tech lawsuit in Silicon Valley. It's Apple versus Samsung.. could have big implications..

We get an existing home sales report at 10am.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - General Martin Dempsey -- is in Iraq and talking to the Iraqis about the threat from civil war in Syria. It's the first visit by the top U.S. general since American troops withdrew in December. Fox's Jennifer Griffin has been traveling with the General on a trip to Afghanistan and Iraq. We can use the trip as a jumping off point for a conversation with Ambassador Bolton today. There's also some very compelling reporting in the New York Times today about the death toll from the war in Afghanistan. The U.S. military has had 2000 deaths in the nearly 11 year old conflict.

1030EDT -- ISAF Command Sgt Major Thomas Capel conducts press briefing from Kabul, Afghanistan. LIVE via DVIDS

Fox's Catherine Herridge is in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for pre-trial hearings of suspects in the September 11th terror attacks. The hearings have been hit with numerous delays.. a painful situation for families. Catherine will explain.

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