Lots happening today, but let me start with some good news..

The NASA rover "Curiosity" has successfully "threaded a needle," and landed safely on Mars! The control room erupted in huge cheers in the early hours of this morning. Let's please show that thrilling video. We already have the first black and white pictures taken by the rover. It was an amazing technological and emotional feat for the banged-up NASA. We'll explain how it all went down and what it means for the space program. There's also a news conference at Noon.

1200EDT -- Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity Rover Post-Landing News Briefing. Landing Recap and Sol 1 Outlook. Jet Propulsion Lab. NASA TV LIVE

There was another horrific massacre yesterday. This time six people were killed at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin when a lone gunman opened fire on people gathered inside for a service. The suspected shooter was shot and killed by police. There are several people injured. The suspect is being identified as 40-year-old Michael Page. There's also a news conference at 11am ET which we will take part of live.

1100EDT -- Police press conference to discuss the lastest developments in the Sikh temple shooting. Oak Creek, WI. LIVE

A tropical storm warning is in effect for Honduras as Tropical Storm Ernesto arrives.

President Obama is holding several fundraisers tonight.

Governor Mitt Romney has no events planned so far, but his VP pick is coming up.. Also we've learned several prominent GOP faces will play a big role at the GOP convention later this month. They include Senator John McCain, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and several big state governors.

Standard & Poor's has affirmed its downgrade of 15 Italian banks and downgraded 15 more. Keep an eye to see if this moves the markets.

A bomb tore through a state TV building in Damascus, Syria today wounding at least 3.

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