Family worried after pregnant teen vanishes in Florida

This photo shows Morgan Martin.

This photo shows Morgan Martin.  (

The mother of a missing 17-year-old Florida girl who is four months pregnant says she is starting to assume the worst as each day passes without a sign of her daughter, reports.

Leah Martin says her family has not seen or heard from her daughter Morgan Martin since Tuesday night, when she says her daughter went to go speak with the father of her baby.

"She went outside. He was here, and we never seen her again. Never heard from her. No phone coming in or out of her phone, nothing," Leah Martin told

Leah Martin says her daughter had just found out her baby was a girl, and was eager to tell the baby's father. Morgan Martin left her home in pajamas and slippers, taking her cell phone but leaving all her other belongings behind.

Leah Martin says her daughter was constantly reaching out to her baby's father to try and establish a relationship but she had discouraged her daughter from doing so.

"I don't know, I just told her to quit bothering with it," Martin told

Authorities say the man identified as the baby's father has been interviewed. They have taken DNA samples from Morgan Martin's family members, but say they have not yet found any evidence of foul play. 

"I just assume the worst because there's been no contact and she is a family-oriented person," Martin told

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