Wednesday August 1, 2012 Happening Now

President Obama is speaking during our hours today at a campaign event in Mansfield, Ohio.

1115 ET -- Air Force One wheels down Mansfield National Guard Base (TBD AFFIL COVG)

1140 ET -- The President makes remarks at a campaign event - Mansfield, OH (POOL LIVE)

Hearings today on the GSA spending-on-parties scandal we've been talking so much about. Congressman Mica was on our air yesterday saying there are at least 77 other questionable things at the General Services Administration. Today Doug McElway continues his reporting on what he found in a Freedom of Information Act request. There's also a hearing by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee today.

0900 ET -- House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee - Hearing on GSA Awards Ceremony Investigation (Part II) will focus on the estimated $270,000 November 17, 2010 GSA ceremony in the Washington, D.C. area. LIVE

Mitt Romney has a quiet day today after his whirlwind world tour. We'll talk about the pros and cons of the trip.. and present the argument made by some that despite what the mainstream media is calling gaffes, Romney may have boosted his chances with some key voting blocs.

A big win for the Tea Party in Texas last night when Ted Cruz handily beat establishment candidate Lt Gov David Dewhurst to capture the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate.

We get an important read on the economy today with the ADP employment report at 8:30am.

The Federal Reserve wrapping up two days of meetings today. Wall Street had been hoping for some kind of stimulus action, but it looks like the Fed will put off any moves until September.

Catherine Herridge is reporting today on Fort Hood.. and asking why three years later, there's been zero accountability.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is on a Mideast tour. Today he is warning that Iran must either negotiate limits on its nuclear program or face U.S. military action. Strong language.

Drew Peterson's murder trial hears more testimony today in Joliet, IL.

Power has been restored to most of India after some 600 million lost power this week.

Syrian President Bashir Assad made a rare public appearance today in Syria. He sounds defiant as the murder of his people continues.

Olympics update: The U.S. has now won 23, China has won 23 and France has won 11. Michael Phelps made history by winning his 19th medal at the London games!

Famous author, essayist and gadfly Gore Vidal is dead. Vidal wrote "Burr," and "Myra Breckenridge," and the play "The Best Man." He was 86.

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