Tuesday July 31, 2012 Happening Now

Big developments today in the investigation into the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal first reported by the Los Angeles Times. Congressional republicans naming five ATF employees as the primary people behind the mess. All five have already resigned from the ATF, but remain employed by the agency. The names come from a report due this week - the first of three to be released after Congressional investigations. We'll have much more on this developing story.

Just 98 days left until the election. For those of you noticing.. it's also just 14 weeks! James Rosen takes a look at new focus by Americans on the election.

Governor Mitt Romney wraps up his overseas trip today with a visit to a memorial in Warsaw, Poland. This as some in the media making a big deal about comments he made while in Israel. Carl Cameron will have the details.

The President's schedule is quiet.. so far today.

The Drew Peterson murder trial gets underway today in Illinois. He's accused of murdering his third wife Kathleen Savio. You'll remember he was suspected of killing his fourth wife Stacy as well. Charges were never filed in that case. Opening statements today in Joliet, and Mike Tobin is there.

The Federal Reserve is meeting today and tomorrow. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke is hinting the Fed may take further action to shore up the economy. It's not clear, however, what that action might be.

A third power grid has failed in India.. plunging millions more into darkness. 600 million people now without power.

Activists are reporting renewed bombing and attacks in Syria's largest city of Aleppo.

The latest medal count from the Olympics has the U.S. and China with 17 medals each, and Japan in third with 11.

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