Thursday July 26, 2012 Happening Now

The economy takes center stage again today with the release of the weekly jobless claims, as we look ahead to the q2 GDP number tomorrow. Analysts say the number will not be good, and remember we got a weaker than expected Q2 report yesterday from the UK.. Hopefully we're not that bad off, but consensus is it won't be great. Meantime, Citigroup today says there is now a 90% chance Greece will have to leave the Euro in 2013..

There's growing concern a severe drought in the U.S. will dramatically impact food prices. Another hit on the economy potentially.

Then there are the massive spending and tax hikes that may go into effect if Congress can't get its act together.

0830EDT -- Labor Dept. releases weekly jobless claims.

0830EDT -- Commercer Dept. releases durable goods for June.

1000EDT -- Natl Assoc. of Realtors releases pending home sales index for June.

Mitt Romney is spending his first official day in London meeting with various high officials including British PM David Cameron.

0900EDT -- Meets with PM David Cameron, 10 Downing Street, Westminster, England. TAPE POOL SPRAY

0945EDT -- Meets with Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, 11 Downing Street, Westminster, England. TAPE POOL SPRAY

1205EDT -- Holds fundraiser, London, England. CLOSED

President Obama has various closed meetings today.

...1230EDT -- Press Briefing by Press Secy Jay Carney. LIVE

There are also lots of closed meetings today on Capitol Hill.

The news from the Colorado massacre is mostly about the story we broke on "Happening Now" yesterday. The notebook that James Holmes reportedly sent before the massacre. The University is confirming they got the package.

Syrian forces are continuing to shell Aleppo.. for a sixth day as the fighting consumes Syria's largest city.

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