Tuesday July 24, 2012 Happening Now

Massacre suspect James Holmes set to face formal charges on Monday. He's accused of killing 12 at a packed movie screening. He is reportedly still refusing to cooperate. Take a look at the great reporting Jon Scott did on the story.. It's on, and can be found at this link:

The family of some of the victims were in court yesterday, and his demeanor provoked tears and anger among some. Many called Holmes a "coward." 16 of the 58 people injured in the mass shooting are still hospitalized. 7 are in critical condition.

There's been three more arrests at screenings of "Dark Knight," with one man arrested in Maine who police said had guns in his car.

Mitt Romney is gearing up for an overseas trip. He'll be addressing the Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention in Reno today, a day after President Obama. It kicks off a two week focus on foreign policy that includes a trip to England, Israel and Poland.

1400EDT -- Mitt Romney addresses the VFW Convention at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, NV. LIVE

President Obama overnighted in San Francisco. He leaves this afternoon for Portland, Oregon for campaign events there and then on to Portland.

Some Democrats are accusing the White House of being involved in leaking some classified intelligence. We may explore this a little more today.

The situation in Syria continues to deteriorate. As we reported yesterday, Syria says it does have chemical weapons. Today it says it has them "under control." Yikes. Meantime, fighting is spreading throughout the country. Syria's largest city, Aleppo, is now a war zone.. including its historic old town.. a world heritage site. Fighting had been relatively rare there. No longer. One note of caution: As Jenna Lee pointed out yesterday in an article she sent out, the rebels do not have universal support in Syria. They are also not all good guys. It's a complicated story. We'll handle appropriately.

Remember that fire we covered as breaking news at the nuclear submarine U.S.S. Miami? Well it turns out it was set by a disgruntled civilian employee who was "feeling anxious," and wanted to leave early! Price tag? 400 million dollars!

The first female astronaut, Sally Ride, has died of cancer. She was just 61.

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