Suspect in murder of Ohio mom reportedly spotted in Columbus

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Nathan Summerfield after Lynn Jackenheimer  was found dead in North Carolina's Outer Banks.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Nathan Summerfield after Lynn Jackenheimer was found dead in North Carolina's Outer Banks.  (Ashland County Sheriff's Office)

Authorities say the suspect in the murder of an Ohio woman who disappeared earlier this month was spotted at a Columbus apartment complex, reported.

Authorities received a tip that Nate Summerfield was allegedly attempting to switch his license plate with another vehicle, the report said. He reportedly fled the scene after a resident spotted him.

Lynn Jackenheimer's body was found Saturday afternoon in a remote area in North Carolina after a vacation with her family. She was found in a trash bag and died of stab wounds and was strangled.

An arrest warrant was issued for Summerfield, who will face murder charges if caught. Authorities say a warrant was issued once the body was identified. He was previously described as a person of interest in the case.

Columbus police said they received a call late Tuesday night from a woman who was convinced she saw the suspect tampering with the license plates.

"The guy that was around it was acting a little weird. He was ducked down to the car next to it messing with the license plate, which didn’t look right because we never have any issues over this way," she said in a live interview. She asked not to be identified.

The sighting was considered a credible report, the U.S. Marshal Service said. The agency is actively trying to track down the suspect.

Investigators said he returned to Ashland, Ohio, with her two children, ages 3 and 13, and confessed to his brother that he killed the woman.

Jackenheimer of Ashland, Ohio, went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with Summerfield and her two children, but didn't return with them.

A friend told that the woman had hesitation about taking the trip.

"I do know at one point she told Nate she was thinking about not going," Alex Taylor, a friend of Jackenheimer, told "He got quite upset about that and then the trip was back on."

"I know he had done things to her in the past. He had hurt her in more ways than one," Taylor said. "If I really thought she was in danger, we wouldn’t have let her go."

Summerfield pleaded no contest in February 2010 and received a suspended 60-day jail sentence and one year of intensive probation, The Mansfield News Journal reported. Jackenheimer was granted a temporary protection order, the report said.

Relevant evidence, other than Summerfield's cellphone and ATM records, has been few and far between.

Meanwhile, Jackenheimer’s funeral arraignments are being planned.

Dean Emmons, her boss at Beer Barrel drive thru, one of her three jobs, remembered her as an upbeat employee.

"Lynn was like a bottle of champagne, you uncork it and it just bubbles, just bubbles. Endless amount of energy, worked three jobs, you know? You never saw any downsides to Lynn, Lynn was always very upbeat," Emmons said.

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