Thursday July 12, 2012 Happening Now

Vice President Joe Biden is addressing the NAACP in Houston.. expecting a friendlier reception than Mitt Romney received yesterday during our show..

1030EDT -- VPOTUS addresses the NAACP Annual Convention. Houston, TX. CBS LIVE

Mitt Romney will be at a fundraiser tonight at the home of Lynne and fmr VP Dick Cheney in Wilson, WY.

There will also be a White House briefing today at 11:30.. we should have that ready to go in case there are good exchanges with reporters.

We also get weekly jobless claims numbers today so that will be something to watch especially since we've gotten a stream of quarterly reports from companies large and small this week.

William La Jeunesse is taking a look at the possibility of Attorney General Eric Holder being disbarred from the DC Bar Association.

On Capitol Hill today:

0900EDT -- The House meets to complete consideration of H.R.6079, the "Repeal of Obamacare Act," and to consider H.R.4402, the "National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2012." Last votes expected no later than 1500EDT.

0930EDT -- The Senate will convene and recognize the Majority Leader

1030EDT -- House Minority Ldr Pelosi holds weekly press conference. LIVE

1100EDT -- After a Senate Foreign Relations Cmte hearing, Sens McCain and Durbin hold press conference encouraging their colleagues to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. LIVE

1115EDT -- House Speaker Boehner holds weekly press briefing. LIVE

1230EDT -- Dem Sens Whitehouse, Shaheen, Merkley, Franken and Schumer hold press conference to provide an update on the DISCLOSE Act, legislation introduced by Whitehouse to blunt the worst effects of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. LIVE

It looks like the House is getting close to opening a formal investigation into intelligence leaks at the White House.

At 9am Penn State will release the results of an internal investigation into the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal. Specifically if Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials helped cover up the reports of child abuse. David Lee Miller is working the story, and we may ask our legal panel about it.

Fascinating new documentary on the United Nations is out.. It's called "U.N. Me" and we'll have the filmmaker on.

James Rosen is taking a closer look at Iran, and its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.

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