Monday July 9, 2012 Happening Now

Big story for us today.. Governor Rick Perry to announce, for the first time, what Texas will do about the health care overhaul ruling by the Supreme Court. We'll break the news, and then Joe Trippi can respond.

Keep an eye on Senator Orrin Hatch comments on health care at 11am.

1100EDT -- Sen Hatch speaks at AEI on: The Affordable Care Act: What should Congress do next? LIVE

President Obama is again calling for an extension for one year of the Bush-era tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 a year. Not sure when this will go down, but the President is holding campaign events in DC tonight.

Fundraisers for Mitt Romney scheduled for today.

Reince Preibus - head of the GOP - gave a blistering attack on President Obama yesterday.. We'll have a F&B look.

New polling on the battleground states out from USA Today today.

A guy who got chased by a Great White shark off the coast of MA will join us.. cool story!

Today's the day thousands of computer users could have their internet shut down.. FBI ending a temporary band-aid.

A wildfire in UT has now scorched more than 115 square miles.

Wicked weather in VA.. good pictures.

Kofi Annan claims a tentative deal has been worked out with Syrian dictator Bashir Assad. This after the U.N. head admitted his previous cease fire was a disaster. Meantime Hillary Clinton is again issuing a stern warning to Assad. Syria has launched war games (maybe being coordinated with the Iranians!)

The new Egyptian President has called for the legislature to be reconvened tomorrow, setting up a possible showdown with the Egyptian military.

Six Americans killed in a roadside bombing near Kabul. Taliban claims responsibility.

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