Thursday July 5, 2012 Happening Now

A half a million people are *still* without power after those wild storms last Friday. 26 deaths now being blamed on the storms. More than 2 million people in DC, MD, VA, WVA, IN and OH were without power at some point. The big utility Pepco is coming under some criticism for the slow rebound, but they contend the storms were completely surprising.

Colorado gets a huge break today from the weather.. Light rain and cooler temperatures helping firefighter battle stubborn fires. Nearly 350 homes destroyed and 28 square miles burned.

Not such great news in Montana where another fire in the Custer National Forest is burning.. 16 homes are gone, and so far 380 sq miles.

There are other fires burning in several Western states.. Keep an eye on the wires.

President Obama kicks off a bus tour today through Pennsylvania and Ohio called "Betting on America." He may be reaching out to working class voters who are not convinced the President deserves reelection. Meantime Romney surrogates LA Gov Bobby Jindal and fmr MN Gov Tim Pawlenty will show up at some of the towns the President visits to offer a rebuttal.

Gov Mitt Romney has no events today, but did make some news yesterday when he told CBS his campaign surrogates were wrong.. that the HC overhaul individual mandate *is* a new tax. He says that means the President has broken his pledge to Americans not to raise taxes on the middle class.

The FBI is warning computer owners to run security checks. There is a vicious malware virus sitting ready to pounce on Monday.. There is a fix though. Check your security software for help.

The final report on the 2009 crash of Air France flight 447 from Rio to Paris is due out today. That crash killed 228.. might be worth adding someone if we get new details this morning.

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