Tuesday July 3, 2012 Happening Now

Stifling heat continues to back much of the nation. They're trying to get power restored to nearly 2 million homes still without power (and air-conditioning!). It's especially bad in West Virginia where we'll spend some time today.

Across the Western U.S., dry hot conditions not helping as fires continue to burn in several states. Now a big setback as officials ground seven air tankers used to fight fires. Why? Because of that crash in South Dakota of another tanker. The C-130 plane was fighting fires when it went down. 2 crew members killed.

Iran says it has launched several missiles in a military exercise.. It says the tests were successful and the missiles are capable of hitting U.S. targets in the Gulf. This as talks are supposedly underway over its nuke program today. Nice.

Embattled Syrian dictator Bashir Assad says Syria "regrets" shooting down a Turkish plane, but he's not apologizing. This as we get new reports of high ranking Syrian officials asking for amnesty and the violence continues.

What happened to famed female pilot Amelia Earhart when she went missing over the South Pacific 75 years ago? A group of scientists are launching a multi-million dollar search to find out. Might be a good BND.

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