Florida man allegedly pulls gun on repairman for billing him despite failing to fix air conditioner


Disgruntled that a repairman was unable to fix his air conditioner but billed him anyway, a Florida man allegedly pulled a gun on the worker before police arrived, reported.

Sean Hickman, the repairman from Deltona, Fla., a city northeast of Orlando, said the suspect accused him of breaking the unit when he "pushed it in" and "saw sparks flying out from different areas." Hickman said when he handed Stan Nguyen the $109 bill, Nguyen told his son to call police and pulled out the gun.

"I feel sad for the guy," Hickman said, after pointing out that the gun's safety looked to be disengaged. "I know he was sweating all day. I wish I could have done something to get his air conditioning going."

Deputies showed up shortly after and charged Nguyen with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. contacted the Better Business Bureau to see if there is anyway that customers can avoid this, and the organization said that customers should ask about pricing before having service done. They also recommend paying by credit card just as a precaution.

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