Much of the nation continues to boil.. heat records broken all over the nation this weekend.. and high temperatures expected to remain through most of the week.. thunderstorms also a huge problem.. As most of you are aware, there were very severe storms Friday that cut power to millions from DC to West Virginia.. nightmare for many.. And some remain without power. Today's commute will be bad for millions. We've got team Fox coverage.

Out West, the story is not only heat but dozens of fires. Hundreds of people in Colorado got to see the remains of their homes over the weekend.. many tragic stories. A military plane battling wildfires has crashed in South Dakota.. more on that as we get it.

Quiet day on the campaign trail.. no events for POTUS (He's at Camp David) or for Governor Romney.

We'll take a look at some of the Sunday talk show sound on the SCOTUS health care ruling..

New unemployment numbers out of Europe.. more than 11%.. and in Spain? More than 24%! Yikes.

The Red Cross is evacuating people from the suburbs of Damascus as fighting rages on in Syria. Russia now says it may talk with the Syrian opposition (this could be a sign even the Russians are tiring of the Assad regime). Stay tuned.

Iran threatening to "wipe Israel off the map" (again) as new sanctions take hold there.

Mexico held presidential elections.. looks like a return to power for the PRI.. which ruled Mexico for decades until 12 years ago.. Looks like our neighbor gets a charismatic new Presidente (and former soap opera star-wife).

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