Friday June 29, 2012 Happening Now

We continue to digest two huge news stories..

The Supreme Court decision to uphold most of the President's massive health care overhaul, and the vote by the House of Representatives to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress.

We've got several good guests to talk us through the ramifications of both stories.. and our excellent reporting staff.

Western wildfires are turning into a major story "Happening Now" has covered aggressively. We didn't get to spend much time on it yesterday, but the latest numbers are stunning.

Colorado now has its most destructive fire ever.. the Waldo Fire has now burned more than *340* homes. At least 1 person's remain were found in the remains of a home. Be sure to check out the aerial pictures of housing developments where many of the homes are just ash piles. It's just one of several fires burning in Colorado and other Western states. Several homes have burned from fires in Montana and Utah.

The President is headed to Colorado Springs today to check in on firefighting efforts there.

Looks like the giant transportation spending bill may be in trouble in Congress.. Molly Henneberg has that.

We've got a good follow up today on the *other* SCOTUS decision.. the Stolen Valor case. Viewers will be surprised to hear the ruling.

The U.S. has apparently given yet another "waiver" to countries who are supposed to be boycotting Iranian oil over Iran's nuke program.. Now it's China.. (and Singapore!)..

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