Wednesday June 27, 2012 Happening Now

Two major stories we're awaiting today.

First, the Supreme Court's health care overhaul decision.. expected tomorrow.. today we'll take a closer look at the stakes, and do a little backgrounder on the men and women who make up the high court. We'll also ask one of the leaders of the House, Xavier Becerra, about what he expects tomorrow from the court.

The second big story we're anticipating today is a possible vote by the full House of Representatives over contempt of Congress charges against Attorney General Eric Holder. At 1pm several House democrats will hold a news conference to discuss the vote. A last minute discussion between the White House and House republicans failed last night to come up with a solution.

The fires we've been covering so relentlessly out West are getting worse. Tens of thousands have been evacuated overnight including more than 2000 from the Air Force Academy's grounds in CO. Colorado Springs is under siege. Dozens more structures have burned and the first fatality has been reported. Record high temps and high winds are fanning fires across several Western states with Utah and Colorado being hit especially hard.

The remains of "Debby" now headed out to the Atlantic after sitting over Florida for days inundating the Sunshine state with flooding rain and high winds for four days. Some towns have received more than two feet of rain! The town of Live Oak, FL is 80% under water.

Stockton, CA now set to become the biggest U.S. city to ever file for bankruptcy.

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